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In Case Anyone is Unclear.

Recently, a now X-member by the name of "gargu" was stricken from our loyal fellowship of Zeon. While I suppose I have never made the reason clear, I had chosen not to because I beleived anyone with a shred of morality would have not made his mistake. For future reference to all remaining members of this rag-tag team of Zeon survivors, please do not use the word "gay" or any reference to it, such as "fag" or "dyke/dike" in a durogetory manner. While I tend to let most things go, this is on I will be very strict about. I'm sorry if anyone feels I am being to harsh here, but being that I created this board, and I do not feel that was okay in any means, I will be pretty much as harsh as I wish. Thank you to the remainng members who have kept to their humanity and not used a sexual preference as an offensive statement. Weather or not you are for or against those who are gay, I do not care and do not wish to change it, as it is your opinion, but please, if anyone here is not in favor, or for that matter, is in favor, keep it to yourself. Unless however it somehow (I can't imagine how at the moment) relates to Gundam and/or Zeon. Thank you all for you time

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