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5th August 2006

kishiriadgr11:23am: Quinto Sol Chapter 6
It is FINALLY, after 20 months, up on fanfiction.net.

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15th March 2006

panzerwalt3:30pm: ellow all.
hmm... not sure what to say.
i'm an old school fan. haven't seen any of the newer gundam. in fact really haven't seen much since 0080 and 0083 were big. (boy that dates me.)
MS-14Fs is my favorite mech.
here is a pic of my new tattoo
title or description

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31st December 2005

android_raptor4:33am: Well...
Just figured I'd let ya'll know, in about 34 hours, Gundam.com lives again!!!!!!!!
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23rd November 2005

zeonic_miko5:27pm: Just figured I'd post
Current Mood: <3 Zeon

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7th September 2005

zeonic_miko2:50am: GOOD NEWS!!!
They finally re-printed all Tomino's (sp) Gundam novels! They've been out of print for EVER! Now I can read it in all it's smashed into one huge book glory <3
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28th July 2005

sesshoumaru_m4:03am: In Case Anyone is Unclear.
Recently, a now X-member by the name of "gargu" was stricken from our loyal fellowship of Zeon. While I suppose I have never made the reason clear, I had chosen not to because I beleived anyone with a shred of morality would have not made his mistake. For future reference to all remaining members of this rag-tag team of Zeon survivors, please do not use the word "gay" or any reference to it, such as "fag" or "dyke/dike" in a durogetory manner. While I tend to let most things go, this is on I will be very strict about. I'm sorry if anyone feels I am being to harsh here, but being that I created this board, and I do not feel that was okay in any means, I will be pretty much as harsh as I wish. Thank you to the remainng members who have kept to their humanity and not used a sexual preference as an offensive statement. Weather or not you are for or against those who are gay, I do not care and do not wish to change it, as it is your opinion, but please, if anyone here is not in favor, or for that matter, is in favor, keep it to yourself. Unless however it somehow (I can't imagine how at the moment) relates to Gundam and/or Zeon. Thank you all for you time


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27th July 2005

sesshoumaru_m5:56pm: MY FRIGGIN POCKET WATCH
I got the freakin coolest pocket watch.... wanna know why? Because its a freakin gundam pocket watch!!!! After 2 long months of waiting!!!
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goodbrunette1:19pm: You Know...
You know I don't think I've loved the Gundam Wing Opening Theme as much as I do right now...

Sieg Zeon!

First attempt at drawing anime... be prepared(there Sesshy, you happy ♥?)Read more...Collapse )
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goodbrunette3:36am: Tee Hee
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Makes me giggle everytime.
Current Mood: silly

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22nd July 2005

gargu12:08pm: Cima Garahau picture shrine

Do you guys know any other art of her not posted there?

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7th July 2005

sesshoumaru_m2:34am: Hiya!
The other day I made my08th MS team 1/144th zaku II into a Shin Matsunaga custom, with the white head and shoulder, it looks pretty spiffy! I was wondering, has anyone else done a neat custom they'd like to share with the class? haha see ya'll Stay strong my Spacenoid Brethern (and sisters.lol)


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31st May 2005

kishiriadgr9:53pm: Essay on Giren Zabi
Rhetoric, Demagoguery, and Populism: Giren Zabi

“You know, my father often accuses me of being a poor clone of Adolf Hitler, but it’s not true. I know what I’m doing. Most people are by nature stupid and weak. They need to fall as far as they can before they can be saved. If Zeon Zum Deikun’s prophecy of a new human enlightenment is anything more than a dream, then I’m going to be the one to make it possible. I swing the ax. Those with true Newtype potential will avoid it. Those without it, won’t. It’s that simple.”

(Tomino, Yoshiyuuki. [i]Mobile Suit Gundam[/i]. Frederik L. Schodt, trans. Introduction by Mark Simmons. Berkeley, CA, Stone Bridge Press, 2004, pp. 405-406.)

This bit of dialogue from Giren Zabi in the Gundam three-part novel summarizes the man and his thought quite nicely and makes a good jumping-off point for an essay about him. Read more...Collapse )

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25th May 2005

zeonic_miko1:18pm: while thinking of Dante's Birthday cake....XD
I wonder I I can get our models to help? XD

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12th May 2005

zeonic_miko2:20pm: *pondering*
this may seem odd, but are there any songs that really make you think of Zeon in any form? I have a few I'm just curious if anyone else does.
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8th May 2005

sesshoumaru_m12:32am: The downfall of Zeon MS; A lack of shields?
This is merely random speculation, but I got to thinking that the most successful MS seemed to use shields. Every (or at least, almost every) Gundam unit has had a shield of some sort, though most Zeon MS (this aslo includes pretty much every anti earth faction) has lacked shields and well, a long lifespan as well. Though most suits labled as "enemy" wont live long anyways, simply due to the whims and thought processes of the creators, it seems the suits with shields survived slightly longer. Now I knowthe Zaku II technically had a shield, but I'm reffering to "hand held" shields more so than the shoulder mounted shield of the Zaku II. Anyways comment back and tell me what you think.

~Seig Zeon Comrades!

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6th May 2005

zeonic_miko11:27am: just wondering...
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Does anyone know where I can get one of these? <3 I want one sooo bad XD

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5th May 2005

android_raptor10:22am: First entry of May!
Well, as I mentioned in MY LJ, I have to make a children's book out of Macbeth for my World Lit. class. And I'm planning to have a little "easter-egg" by drawing all the characters from the play as chibi Gundam characters. For example, I REALLY want Lady Macbeth to be Cima, but I don't know whether to make Macbeth Gato or Ghinius. And whether Macduff should be Shiro or Kou. But I'm pretty sure I want Ross to be Sanders, and Malcom to be Amuro. Hmmmm, any suggestions?
Current Mood: awake

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